Legend of the First Clan

In the beginning there were two hunting packs and there were not yet any clans. The world was a paradise for these hunters and game was plenty. One pack was favored with golden brown fur and the other tended toward reddish brown fur. The creators smiled upon them and provided for their every need. Then the hunters became greedy and wasteful. They began to hunt excessively and to kill for pleasure alone. When they ate they only favored the sweetest meats and left the rest to rot. They became such vicious hunters that all the game in their home forests were killed. And thus they were forced to leave their home forests by the creators, who cursed them to compete with great wild beasts for game in the forests beyond their homes. The creators decreed that they could not return to their home forests until they mastered the savage within and rose above the great wild beasts of the forests.

The hunters wandered many years in the wild forests and game was difficult to gain. The wild beasts were more powerful and more skilled and the hunters learned hunger. Some of the most savage of the hunters even became prey to the great wild beasts. The longer they wandered the wild forests they became less savage. To stave their hunger, the creators eventually gave the hunters the lask beast to follow and hunt.


Then one night as the packs were hunting lask the two speakers of these hunting packs happened to be tracking the same lask. Each threw his zamra at the same time and the lask was struck by both and died in the cleft of a great tree's branches. The two speakers lept to their kill, eager to claim the meat and feed their hunting packs. There on a branch of the great tree the speakers met. A great fight commenced between them over the kill. Speaker fought speaker tooth and nail. The battle lasted the entire night until both collapsed with fatigue. In the morning light both saw that during their fight the lask had been devoured by a pack of forvurs. The two speakers collected their zamras and parted with great contempt and hatred toward each other.


That same night the youngest gliders of each of the hunting packs had also been out hunting mekal. Neither found any spore to track and by chance ended up climbing twin trees to sit watch. During the watch they each became aware of the other and each, thinking the other was a blooded pack mate, began to challenge the other in games of skill. When they started throwing their zamras they discovered they were not pack mates. The two young gliders became quick friends and challenged each other all night long. Shortly before dawn they caught the scent of a pair of bogah returning from their nightly foraging. The two quickly schemed an snaring hunt and captured both bogah. At sunrise they parted, each vowing to tell their families about the other. They traded zamras and headed for home each with a bogah.


When the young gliders each returned home they found that the speakers had returned first. The speakers were cursing the creators and angry. They each declared the other hunting pack an enemy, demons created by the creators to torment them. Each speaker declared that hunting the forest around the great tree was forbidden. The two young gliders held their speech and hid their zamras.


For the next three months, one pack hunted near the river, the other hunted near the cliffs, and lask were scarce. The lask feared the river because of the great wild beasts. And, the lask seldom foraged along the cliffs for there are few fruits they eat growing along the cliffs. The hunting packs suffered for food during these months due to the lack of lasks. The two young gliders continued to secretly visit each other during these months and their friendship became true. They became very skilled at snaring bogah together. Their hunts became even more prosperous and the meat they each brought to their hunting packs began to be celebrated. The two young gliders became embolden by the accolades of their hunting packs and decided to hunt lask together. To keep their secret friendship hidden they agreed to hunt two lask so that each could bring one home. After many nights of hunting together they happened upon a pair of lask. They schemed their kills and tracked the beasts deep into the forest. Then together as they had learned to hunt bogah they threw their zamras and killed both lask. The blood of the two young hunters was filled filled with jubilation and primal joy. They ceremonially embedded their zamras into the skulls of the lasks and rushed for home.


Each young glider was greeted a hero when they brought their lask home. The beasts were placed upon the central poll and the wizened howled for all to gather and celebrate their blooding.. Ceremonially each young glider pulled their zamra from the lask's skull and cut the speaker's choicest cut of meat. Then presented the meat upon the zamra for the speaker to consume. The speaker's each recognized the markings on the zamras as those of the other demon pack and so the two young gliders had their secret revealed.


The speaker's each declared war upon the other hunting pack. The young gliders each argued valiantly that the other pack were not demons. The young gliders courageously stood for each other and told the stories of how they had learned to hunt together. They pressed that the many bogah they had snared were snared together, that they had always divided the hunt equally, even consuming the odd one together as litter mates do. By their persuasion they succeeded to get the speakers to agree meet again at the great tree and show each others lask and zamra to the two hunting packs. Then to demonstrate that they could hunt together as a team, as a team.


The two hunting packs gathered that night at the great tree. The speakers each sat with their zamras ready on opposing branches, their hunting packs in the branches about them, ready to fight. The two young gliders went gliding through the forest hunting bogah, lopah, peegat, dropah, sorga, and plaat. One blooded from hunting pack followed them to confirm the snares and kills were made as a team. All the meat was brought back and laid before their speakers. Finally near dawn the two young gliders caught the scent of a lask. They took their well practiced positions in opposing trees and threw their zamras. They brought the lask to the speakers at the great tree and divided it in half. Placing the lask before each speaker, the speakers were overcome with hunger for the meat and impressed by the friendship of the young gliders. That morning the two hunting packs feasted together a great feast of lask, plaat, sorga, dropah, peegat, lopah, and bogah. The speakers became friends. The hunting packs became one.


That evening the first clan was formed and the creators were pleased. The creators blessed the clan and they became many clans and filled all the forests.